Friend test? Checked!

Great viral video!


Invisible Mercedes

In my opinion the car ads are among the greatest. Nowadays you need to have a lot of creativity in order to innovate and shock people with your product.

They succeeded to show off in a great manner. Well done Mercedes!

No tanker poster

Rethink created protest posters for The Dogwood Initiative as part of their ongoing No Tankers campaign; an endeavor to keep oil tankers out of BC’s coastal waters. The posters went up as wild postings in downtown Vancouver (2011).

MINI fun

MINI recently announced the MINI Cooper SD, a fast and super efficient new Diesel model. We learned that there are other ways to enjoy the swift turns and rapid accelerations of the Cooper SD, as shown in the fun spot below.

It is a somehow different from what we got used to see lately in car industry.

Define comfort

Here is a KLM ad:


They began with the “comfort” concept and tried to transmit it to the public through the ad.

Then they decided to bring the same idea in an airport:


The last one had 16 times more viewers on Youtube than the actual ad.

I think the ad is not so nicely done – although they had a good concept, but what they did in the airport represents a beneficial idea for KLM.