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MINI fun

MINI recently announced the MINI Cooper SD, a fast and super efficient new Diesel model. We learned that there are other ways to enjoy the swift turns and rapid accelerations of the Cooper SD, as shown in the fun spot below.

It is a somehow different from what we got used to see lately in car industry.

The accidental test drive

To promote the Nissan Patrol in Dubai, UAE for the Arabian Automobiles group, fully loaded versions were “abandoned” behind other parked SUVs with an invite on the dash to move it. Once inside the vehicle they had a captive audience to promote all the features.

It made me laugh just the thought of trying such an idea in Bucharest.

The first test drive… inside a print ad

Volkswagen in Norway is offering what it claims is the world’s first test drive inside a print ad. The ad is placed in several Norwegian magazines and presents a long stretch of road (there are summer and winter versions) and urges readers to download an app (developed by Mobiento) that lets you “drive” a car on the road by hovering your iPhone over it.

You can test three different features of the vehicle: lane assist, adaptive lights and cruise control.

It’s a nice idea executed well.